Smoking Cessation


Are you struggling to stop smoking?




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Smoking cessation is typically a double session lasting up to 2 hours. You walk into my treatment room as a smoker and walk out a non's as simple as that!! Well almost!


The whole process does of course rely on your determinaton ...hypnotherapy to stop smoking is not a magic wand and does require that you make that initial committment...remember I can't make you do something if you really don't want to so this change has to be your choice, not the wife, husband, mother, boss etc...YOURS! 




If this is the case, you are 2 hours away from being a non call me now and let's get started!!


 During the initial part of the session we will discuss the typical circumstances in which you smoke will help me if you can jot a few things down before we meet. We will discuss why you are stopping smoking now and how life will improve for you when you do. This is probably the safest and most natural way to become a non will save money, breathe more easily, smell better, no longer be the social pariah (yes I've been there, at the door, in the wind, in the rain!!) and see a huge improvement in your general health.  


Many people feel no cravings at all once the session is over however, I will give you a free follow up session within the following month if you feel you need this...I've never had anyone ask for this, that's why it's free!!

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