Your initial consultation over the telephone is offered free for up to 30 minutes. This will give you the opportunity to ask me any questions and for you to decide whether hypnotherapy is something with which you feel comfortable and will benefit you. If I am outside your geographical area, I may be able to recommend a therapist nearer to you or you could go now to the links page.
What Happens in a Session?
I will already have some idea of  the problem from our telephone consultation but would still expect to use the first meeting to clarify things and to learn something of your history before starting treatment. I will take some notes which will remain confidential.
We will discuss the best way to treat the problem and put together an appropriate treatment plan. The exact number of sessions is always the $64000 question and this is very difficult to answer. You may of course curtail treatment at any time, within the terms of our contract.
You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about hypnosis before I guide you gently into a relaxing, hypnotic trance as your introduction to hypnosis and your therapy. All my clients have described this as the most wonderful, relaxing experience...and I certainly recommend it myself! You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed, a bit like having had a mini holiday.
Between sessions I will be spending some considerable time evaluating your treatment so far and assessing the best way forward for you. Each session will be personal to you and the work will be reviewed and discussed with you at each visit. There may be tasks for you to do between sessions to underpin the progress you will be making. You will never be asked to do anything about which you do not feel comfortable and you will always remain in control. It is you who will do the change work...I am merely the guide to see you safely through to your goal.
Payment will be taken at the end of each session either in cash or by cheque.  If you wish to pre pay by credit or debit card, this should be done at the time of booking.