Weight Loss - Gastric Band Therapy




This particular process is appropriate for you if you wish to reduce the amount of food you eat.  As it is a non surgical procedure, the risks associated with the surgical gastric band operation are eliminated.  Sessions are available to tighten and release the gastric band as appropriate...just as in the surgical procedure.  Gastric Band Therapy can be used as a stand alone technique or as part of a weight management programme.


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Weight Loss can be managed in a single session or as a programme of work, dependant on your needs. No weight loss programme will succeed without your wholehearted commitment. 




It may be that you want to lose weight for a specific occasion, a wedding or an anniversary or perhaps a school reunion or a holiday or maybe for a general improvement in your overall health and well being. Whatever your motivation..I can help you with that! 




It is really important that you allow yourself enough time to achieve your desired goal... there is nothing worse than setting yourself up to fail.  In fact, if I feel that this is the case and perhaps what you are trying to do is unrealistic, I will refuse to treat you.  Remember, it is your interests I have in mind and there is no point in you wasting your time and money on something that is not going to happen.  I would suggest that you use the free consultation to check this out with me before we arrange an appointment.  I want you to go away a satisfied customer at the end of our time together!




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