What is Hypnotherapy?


The common misconceptions about hypnosis are understandable as most people know about it through stage hypnosis...a completely different use of the process purely for entertainment. 


 A hypnotic trance is a natural state of deep relaxation that we all achieve each day usually just before going to sleep and in that just waking up stage.  You will have drifted off into a trance many times, perhaps whilst driving, watching a film or simply looking out of a window.  In this state the brain waves exist at a certain frequency and it it during this time that the unconcious part of the mind is accessible and any change work can take place. 


The hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything against your core values and beliefs... so I cannot make you cluck like a chicken..unless you really want me to! 


It is in this state of deep relaxation, which we call trance, that you will be able to make the changes that you have decided to make for your benefit. We will have discussed matters beforehand and will have agreed the changes you wish to make. I will guide you through the process against a background of soothing music as you listen to my voice. You are in control at all times and if you feel uncomfortable at any stage you will have the ability to come out of trance and back to your normal waking state. 


Most people really enjoy the restful and rejuvinating experience of hypnosis and you will leave with the benefit of feeling energised yet calm and more confident; in control of your emotions and having at least begun to make the changes that you have chosen to make for your benefit.